Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 3 Collectables Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake is the latest instalment of the long-running franchise to receive a brand new remake. Much like its previous instalments Resident Evil 4 Remake features a plethora of collectables and secrets to find. In our Resident Evil 4 Remake Collectables Guide, we go over where to find all 16 Clockwork Castellans, 104 Treasures and 19 Merchant Requests, including all Bule Madalion locations.

Chapter 3 features six Treasures, three Merchant Requests and One Castellan. Here are their locations in the order in which they can be found.

Treasure 1: Vintage Compass (Requires Small Key From The End Of Chapter 2)

When you return to the village, it’s located in the house west of the big house where you found the shotgun. The treasure is located in the desk and requires the Small Key you picked up at the end of Chapter 2

Treasure 2: Velvet Blue

Hanging on the ceiling inside a silver container inside the church.

Merchant Request 1: Viper Hunter

This request is looked after you leave the church and is opposite the Merchant on a wall. This request requires you to kill and sell three vipers to the Merchant. You won’t find three immediately but should discover them throughout the chapter.

Treasure 3: Elegant Headdress

Head around the back of the church, where you will find a chest. The chest is opposite the Merchant’s Request.

Merchant Request 2: Grave Robber

This request is found in the exact location as the previous treasure. Once picked up, you must head back down to the cemetery and find the two gravestones next to each other with a V-emblem. You must shoot both emblems to complete this request.

Merchant Request 3: Destroy The Five Blue Medallions 2

This request is located right along your path and is impossible to miss.

Treasure 4: Ruby

Hanging on a wire in a silver container in the big open area. Simply shoot the container to drop the Ruby.

Blue Medallion 1

The first medallion is located in the big area you walk into with all the crows. Look up, and you will see the medallion hanging on some scaffolding just past the silver container with the Ruby.

Castellan 3

Head down to the pier next to the Merchant and head around the dock that curves into some boxes. Look up, and you should see the Castellan on top of the boxes.

Blue Medallion 2

As you head down to the fishing village, you can find this one right after you jump down the platform underneath the walkway.

Blue Medallion 3

Located in the fishing village in the first hut you walk up to from the water. Where the big bull-headed enemy with the hammer walks from.

Blue Medallion 4

Hanging in between some boards that you must shoot from the water level.

Treasure 5: Antique Pipe

Hanging inside a silver container. Can be shot down from the flooded area on the east side.

Blue Medallion 5

Located in the village’s northern part, you must walk under some wooden walkway to reach it. It will be opposite the chest.

Small Key (Required For Treasure 6)

In a desk located in a hut south of where you acquire the gas canister.

Treasure 6: Brass Pocket Watch

Heading down to the pier located next to the Merchant. Head down the ladder, find the locked drawer, and use the small key to acquire the treasure.

These are all the collectables available in chapter 3 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are 16 chapters to get through, and each one features collectables to find. For more collectables, check out our other chapter guides to find everything hidden in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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